Top Tips – Manage Your Subject Access Requests More Effectively

Since GDPR came into effect, any individual can request access to the personal information your company or organisation stores on them and learn how it’s being used.

These requests – called Subject Access Requests (SARs) – require to be completed within one month, to meet GDPR compliance.

Failure to comply with a SAR requirement and meet the 30-day deadline can result in action being taken by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which could ultimately result in a hefty fine.

So how can you manage your SAR response process more effectively?

1. Have A Clear Process

It may sound obvious, but it is imperative to have a documented process for managing any SAR that comes into your organisation.

From where to look for the data you need, what departments need to be involved, to bringing all the information you need together, your process must be clearly defined and effectively communicated to everyone involved in completing the SAR response.

2. Good Data Management

Data is everywhere, whether it’s within Word/Excel/PDF files, emails, (including attachments) and images, finding the personal information you need can be a challenge.

You need an understanding of what personal information you store, where it’s located, and its purpose, so implementing best practice across your data collection and storage systems is crucial. Easier said than done in some cases!

3. Use Automation

Many companies put together the information they require for a SAR manually. This is not only an extremely time consuming and resource intensive process, but carries a high risk of manual error occurring.

An automated solution, such as Nalytics SARs, will enable you to quickly and easily search, refine and automatically redact sensitive information from your SAR.

Easily and quickly sift through any data collated from your IT systems to find only those documents relevant to the SAR. Prepare your SAR response output with ease, and save a significant amount of time and effort. Check out the video below- [link to Nalytics SARs video]

Let Nalytics SARs transform your Subject Access Request (SAR) response process. Meet GDPR compliance requirements quickly & easily by streamlining and improving your SAR response process – Arrange a demo