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Taking Data Search, Discovery, and Analysis to the Next Level

Curated search and discovery technology with advanced analytical capabilities

Nalytics is a unique cloud solution for searching, accessing, and analysing all of your structured and unstructured data, from any device.

Navigating unstructured data can be difficult as there are no neatly defined rows/columns; Nalytics enables you to jump instantly to the relevant location.

Our unique indexing method allows you to configure the scope of searches to suit your requirements. From returning results where all of the search terms occur within the same sentence to find only the most relevant information, through to searching for documents where any of the specified search terms occur. This returns the greatest set of results.

Words linked to sentences, linked to paragraphs, linked to sections, linked to parent document.

Precision search at a sentence level allows you to expand to see the surrounding context and meaning.

Nalytics helps individuals, teams, and entire organisations, by providing highly responsive, secure, and accurate contextual access to the knowledge it contains.

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How does Nalytics work?

Search Enhanced with AI

Nalytics facilitates content classification, data enhancement (to automatically highlight key entities and values), and NLP techniques such as synonym/hypernym expansion, which allow you to find relevant information, even when you don’t know precisely which search terms to use.

Nalytics enable users to find information quickly and easily:

  • Precision search, that only returns relevant results
  • Search terms are returned in the exact SENTENCE that contains them:
    • BUT can readily expand to see surrounding paragraphs, sections (i.e., associated context & meaning)
    • Search via: Wildcards, Boolean operators, dictionaries etc.
  • Powerful combination of meta-data filters AND free text search
  • Supercharged by pragmatic AI:
    • Pattern Matching: names, emails, post codes, NI numbers, PII data etc.

Takes you from simply looking, to actually finding!

Key Features

Variable Search Scope

Nalytics facilitates control over the level of precision with which you search – from returning only results in which the words are contained within the same sentence, to returning any document in which all of the search terms occur.

Personal Data Surfacing

Locate personally identifiable information (PII) and other personal data quickly and easily with Nalytics – supporting you in GDPR compliance and the fulfilment of Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests.

Document Comparison

Compare the structure and textual content of documents and contracts (to each other or to a template) to locate and highlight any differences and view similarity scores, minimising the risk associated with comparison activities


Nalytics facilitates redaction of confidential, personal, or commercially sensitive information to help mitigate data breaches, ensuring that only authorised personnel are able to view particular kinds of data.

Data Visualisation

Develop a better understanding of the data you hold with enhanced data visualisation techniques, such as co-occurrence diagrams and word clouds, which can be used to identify patterns and trends across company data.

Contextual Results

Nalytics utilises the hierarchical structure of documents to present results within their context. When examining specific results, users can expand the context from sentence to paragraph, or even section, to further aid review and interpretation.

Mixed Resource Sets

Nalytics can curate and analyse data from a wide range of sources, including PDFs, TXT files, Word documents, spreadsheets, and email archives, giving you centralised access to company data from one location.

Quantitative Reporting

By quantifying information from unstructured data sources, Nalytics can help to answer questions of “how many?”, even where the values in question are not coded and inherently countable.

Data Preservation

Preserve legacy data by creating a secure and fully indexed archive in which all file types are immediately searchable at once without the need to carry out individual searches within each system.

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Why Nalytics?

Language Independent

Nalytics will index and return data independent of the source language, supporting multinational businesses and those that work with international clients.

Accessible Knowledge Resource

Nalytics provides a valuable “go to” knowledge resource for new employees from which they can quickly and easily access historical documentation, calls and emails.

Quick Implementation and Ease of Use

Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), Nalytics is very quick to set up and highly scalable. An intuitive user interface means Nalytics is easy to use, with minimal training required.

Maximise Resources

By automating much of the work associated with routine search and discovery tasks, Nalytics saves you valuable time and money which can be reinvested elsewhere in the business.

Effective Collaboration

Nalytics can be accessed at work, at home, or on the move, and allows you to securely organise and share key information between colleagues, teams, and departments.

Search Enhanced with AI

Nalytics facilitates content classification, data enhancement (to automatically highlight key entities and values), and NLP techniques such as synonym/hypernym expansion.

Nalanda Technology are a customer-centric organisation that respond quickly to our changing needs. Data is a strategic, core asset to us; its enablement is vital and a pre-requisite to any digital transformation exercise. The Nalytics solution is an essential partner on this journey.

– Alex Campbell, Deputy Investigations Editor – BuzzFeed News