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Using our three core pillars – Search, Discover, Analyse – we turn data into knowledge and provide support for a range of use cases and activities across a wide range of industry sectors

SEARCH with precision to locate required information quickly and easily – to view results within their context to immediately review relevance.
DISCOVER the hidden meaning in your unstructured data using AI capabilities – to surface key information which may otherwise go unnoticed.
ANALYSE your data for key insights through quantitative reporting and statistical analysis – to guide strategy and aid decision-making.

Privacy & Data Protection

Make Subject Access Requests & FOI Requests Easy

Whether you are collating information for an internal SAR – a SAR that has come into your organisation relating to the data you hold about for example, an ex-employee, or an external SAR – a SAR that an organisation is performing on behalf of someone else, Nalytics can improve and streamline your SAR response process, and save you time and reduce the costs associated with FOI requests.

Using Nalytics SARs across Departments, we have experienced reduced time and effort spent responding to Subject Access Requests. A fast, intuitive, user-friendly platform, it’s everything we need to support our compliance requirements.

– Nij Basi, Information Governance Manager – Bradford Council

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Legacy Data Management

Future Proof your Digital Information

Nalytics can provide you with an easily searchable, secure repository of archived legacy data, helping you to support your regulatory compliance requirements and data retention policies.

Search and access both historic and live data repositories simultaneously, whilst ensuring your valuable digital information is future-proofed and secure, reducing your risk of cyber breach incidents.

Nalytics Preserve delivers a really neat and intuitive solution to our legacy document needs. Not only has it provided us with an intuitive way to accurately search across historical data, but it has enabled us to make significant savings around infrastructure and data management overheads.

– Steve Savage, Partner – Head of IT and Development – Gosschalks Solicitors

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Data Search & Discovery

Improve Business Intelligence & Uncover the Value in your Data

Be it for R&D purposes, or uncovering valuable data, Nalytics can quickly and easily search across all your data, finding what you need in seconds.

Providing a fast and intuitive way to search across all your documents and files, Nalytics can help you uncover the value in your data and improve business intelligence.

With Nalytics we are able to create order in our information ‘chaos’ and to take qualitative search to a higher level…Using Nalytics we are able to make much better use of the available information, such as external legislation, engineering norms and standards, and thus provide our projects with a quality boost.

– Jan Spijkerman, Manager Manufacturing IT, Avebe

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Land Registry Document Comparison

Compare Land Registry Extracts Quickly & Easily

As part of bulk property purchase transactions, Nalytics enables Notaries to quickly and easily compare large quantities of extracts from the Land Registry and clients’ mortgage information documents.

Saving time and minimising risk, Nalytics enables fast and accurate identification of differences in documentation held in the Land Registry to previously downloaded and reviewed documentation.

Nalytics LRC solution fits perfectly within our innovation strategy, digital transformation and business model. Comparing land registry extracts is now a matter of minutes instead of hours. This allows us to focus on our legal activities. Good for us and for our corporate clients.

– Peter Piepers, Support & Innovation Manager – Van Doorne

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Legal Automation

Delivering Measurable Business Benefits to the Legal Sector

As legal innovation continues to reshape the practice of law, firms are becoming increasingly aware of the value of technology in supporting a range of legal activities. Law firms need to be sure they are using the right tools to aid decision making and improve client experience.

By automating much of the work associated with routine search and discovery tasks, Nalytics saves time and frees up resources, allowing law firms to invest in the client value work that really matters.

For law firms to continue to deliver and maintain a high standard of client service, technology should add value and wrap around the requirements of the firm.

Nalytics supports a number of use cases and activities across the Legal Sector including Contract Analysis, GDPR Compliance, Due Diligence/Investigatory Work, Subject Access Requests (SARs), or Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests, Litigation/Disclosure, Preservation of Legacy Data, and Research.

Nalytics has been great for me in my role to really help develop something that not only benefits us and our clients, but the legal profession generally, to help them with some of the challenges that we had.

– Sarah Blair, Director of IT – Thorntons Law LLP

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