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Notaries are private legally qualified individuals who oversee legal transactions such as (but not exclusively), those relating to the purchase of property.

The Notary will make sure all elements of the purchase deed, mortgage deed where applicable, and the transaction, meet both local and international law. They will check that the source of funds for the purchase is known and meets money laundering rules.

As part of a bulk purchase transaction, the Law firm (Notary) is required to compare extracts from the Land Registry and their clients’ mortgage documents.

Usually, the comparison of these numerous documents is done manually and as there can be hundreds of pieces of information, with different owners, this can be challenging – extremely time consuming and costly. It also brings with it an increased risk of errors.

Law firms want to consistently deliver a high-quality service for their clients but are under pressure with other work and priorities.

Nalytics Land Registry Comparison (LRC) software enables you to quickly and easily compare large quantities of extracts from the Land Registry and clients’ mortgage information documents.

The Solution provides the structure and workflows to support Notaries in their document comparison activities during bulk property purchase transactions.

Nalytics LRC solution fits perfectly within our innovation strategy, digital transformation and business model. Comparing land registry extracts is now a matter of minutes instead of hours. This allows us to focus on our legal activities. Good for us and for our corporate clients.

– Peter Piepers, Support & Innovation Manager – Van Doorne

What Makes Nalytics LRC Different?

Unique product features including-

  • A comparison report, output to Excel, for analysis and dissemination
  • A dashboard to provide concise information about a user’s Cases and highlight those nearing/exceeding their due dates.
  • Enables fast and accurate identification of differences in documentation held in the Land Registry to previously downloaded and reviewed documentation.
  • Can be used ‘out-the-box’ with minimal training required.

Why Nalytics LRC?

  • Save Time – comparing land registry documents now takes minutes, not hours using automation.
  • Significantly Reduce Errors & Minimise Risk – comparing Land Registry documents is faster and more accurate.
  • Streamlined Process – allowing you to focus on other legal activities.
  • Provide a high-quality service to your clients.

Want to take the next step?

Nalanda were very responsive and always ready to help. Nalytics LRC is certainly a concrete advantage for candidate civil-law notaries.

– Mischa Grunberg, Corporate Legal Data Analyst – Allen & Overy