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Supporting Local Authorities with Compliance & Data Retention Policies

All Local Authorities across the UK have had to find ways to do more with less in the face of cuts to their spending power.

Saving time, money and resources is crucial across Departments, and any technology must add value and be able to support these goals.

How can Nalytics help?

GDPR Support

Nalytics offers a range of capabilities to support GDPR compliance.

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, effective data management within local authorities is crucial. With new requirements for greater transparency and accountability about how data is managed, understanding the data you hold and in particular, being able to locate and extract personal data efficiently, are paramount for compliance.

Anyone can request access to recorded information held by a local authority through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and Subject Access Requests (SARs).

While FOI requests give members of the public the right to access any recorded information held by a local authority, SARs give individuals the right to access and receive a copy of their personal data. Responding to both requests can therefore be a time-consuming and costly procedure, as the process is typically done manually.

Our Nalytics SARs solution makes responding to Subject Access Requests easier.

Since using Nalytics SARs, we have experienced reduced time and effort spent on manually redacting third-party names and initials. This was very time consuming, and the software redacts each name across all documents included in a SAR. This allows more time to focus on phrases or sentences within documents that would need to be redacted if information was regarding someone else.

– Nij Basi, Information Governance Manager – Bradford City Council

Read the Bradford Council Case Study in full and download our SAR White Paper discussing the challenges you might face responding to a Subject Access Request (SAR) and how these can be addressed.

Data Preservation & Retention

Nalytics provides a secure, easily searchable archive of legacy data.

Understanding what data you store, where it’s located, and its purpose, can be a challenge.

Nalytics can help by providing you with an easily searchable, secure repository of archived legacy data.

Not only helping to support your compliance requirements and retention policies, but also helping you reduce risk and ensure a lean, agile IT estate.

Proactively manage your data and safeguard your digital content with Nalytics Preserve.

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