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An AI Powered Search and Discovery Platform for All Your Data Challenges

The Nalytics software solution is an AI powered search and discovery platform.

Nalytics technology has a number of unique features and functionality with multiple Use Cases across a wide range of industry sectors including Local Government, Healthcare, Legal, Corporate and Charity. These include –

Data Preservation/Legacy Data Management

Nalytics will create a secure, fully searchable archive of your legacy data, accessible from anywhere and supported by a range of powerful tools enabling fast and accurate retrieval of information, whenever it is required.

Learn more about Nalytics Preserve

Document/Contracts Comparison & Analysis

Compare the structure and textual content of documents and contracts (to each other or to a template) to locate and highlight any differences and view similarity scores, minimising the risk associated with comparison activities.
Whether it’s comparing extracts from the Land Registry, or legal contract analysis, save time and minimise risk using Nalytics.

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Data Privacy – Redaction & Personal Data Surfacing

Nalytics makes locating personal data and personally identifiable information (PII) related to an individual quick and easy. The solution automatically redacts sensitive information which might be overlooked in a manual search, making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to prepare Subject Access Request (SAR) responses and FOI requests.

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Data Visualisation & Precision Search

Nalytics can quickly and easily search across all your documents and files including Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF files and emails, to help you find what you need in seconds.

Uncover valuable data and have a better understanding of what data you hold, to improve business intelligence and enhance decision-making.

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