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Delivering Measurable Business Benefits to Law Firms

As legal innovation continues to reshape the practice of law, firms and legal organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the value of technology in supporting a range of legal activities.

Both need to be sure that they are using the right tools to aid decision-making and improve client experience.

By automating much of the work associated with routine search, discovery, and analytical tasks, Nalytics saves time and frees up resources, allowing law firms and legal organisations to invest in the client value work that really matters.

Nalytics has been great for me in my role to really help develop something that not only benefits us and our clients, but the legal profession generally, to help them with some of the challenges that we had.

– Morgan O’Neill, Director of Data Protection Services – Thorntons Solicitors

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How can Nalytics help?


Contract, Lease and Document Analysis

Nalytics can be used to automate contract classification, comparison, and analysis.

Classify documents by type, compare contracts/documents (to a template or to each other), identify non-standard clauses, surface key entities, and keep track of important dates.

Litigation and Disclosure

Using Nalytics, search across purpose-built data sets to easily locate and review all material relevant to the case, minimising the inherent risk of key evidence being overlooked.

M&A (Due Diligence)

Create a virtual data room (VDR) consisting of all data sources relevant to the M&A. Using Nalytics, efficiently distribute information to relevant parties within a confidential and controlled environment.


Quickly and easily locate and extract Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other personal data with Nalytics SARs, analyse contracts to ensure compliance with GDPR, and automatically redact sensitive information.


Curate relevant data sources and search for information in relation to any ad-hoc or strategic organisational challenge. Uncover key insights with Nalytics advanced data visualisation techniques.

Data Preservation

When transitioning between Case Management Systems, Nalytics Preserve will index legacy data stored in the old system to build a secure and fully searchable archive.

We have been able to migrate everything into a new, secure, simple to use environment with almost zero overhead in terms of management time and at a fraction of the cost. Nalytics Preserve provides us with an easy to use, fast and effective way to access and search all our legacy documents, helping us easily find what we need to meet our regulatory requirements, including GDPR, and retention policies.

– Steve Savage, Partner – Head of IT and Development – Gosschalks Solicitors

Nalytics LRC solution fits perfectly within our innovation strategy, digital transformation and business model. Comparing land registry extracts is now a matter of minutes instead of hours. This allows us to focus on our legal activities. Good for us and for our corporate clients.

– Peter Piepers, Support & Innovation Manager – Van Doorne

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