Peter O’ Hara, founder and CEO of care tech company OLM, made MBE

Peter has been recognised in the King’s first Birthday Honours list.

Peter founded Nalanda Technology in 2013 with the aim of using technology to make a positive difference to people’s lives and he has made a significant contribution to the modernisation and advancement of eDiscovery.

Peter understands the importance of providing innovative digital solutions to streamline and improve productivity, focussed on resolving real-life data challenges across a range of industries including health and social care.

Nalanda was founded with a vision to help individuals make sense of the ever-growing world of unstructured data. Peter recognised that the unstructured textual narrative captured in systems, emails and documents hold key insights and knowledge which can help people make better informed decisions and make a difference to people’s lives.

Prior to setting up Nalanda, Peter held several public sector posts in education, health and local government in Scotland and London. Over the past 33 years and as the UK social care market has evolved, Peter has steered innovation in OLM Group to provide next generation technology in the SaaS world via flagship solutions; ECLIPSE Platform for Care; Hytec Security, Nalytics Platform for eDiscovery; CareKnowledge Platform for Personal Development. He was the original investor and co-founder in Peppermint Technology Ltd, a specialist software platform focused on the UK Legal Market which he nurtured from start-up to market entry before exiting through a management buy-out.

Peter was born, educated and grew up in Gourock Scotland. He studied at Glasgow College of Technology and then worked for the Greater Glasgow Health Board before deciding to continue education.  He completed a BA in Economics with Politics at Queen Mary’s College London, where he was also elected as the President of the Student Union and as a student member of the Board of Governors for two years.

Commenting on the award, Peter said:

I feel deeply honoured and humbled to be named in the Kings Birthday Honours list to receive an MBE. Such awards may appear to be individual, but they reflect the dedication and efforts of others who have shared the individual’s passion and helped them on their journey.

I owe everything I have done and achieved to the many colleagues I have had the privilege to work with and serve over the past 33 years. My parents instilled in all their children a passionate commitment to endeavour to support others in all we do in life. This has been my passion I have been blessed to work and collaborate with so many great people across the sector, I thank them for all they have taught me on my journey.