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Since GDPR came into effect, any individual can request access to the personal information your organisation stores on them and learn how it’s being used.

Put simply, if your business holds information about a person, they can request access to this data.

These requests – called subject access requests (SARs) – require to be completed within one month, to meet GDPR compliance.

How does this affect HR professionals?

An employee or ex-employee often directs a SAR to the HR department, and you, with (potentially) other departments, are required to collate the information that’s needed in order to respond on time to the SAR.

You may work with a number of different online and offline systems to store your staff’s personal data, and as a result, have to search across documents in a host of formats. This could be records stored in your HR software, emails stored on your server, spreadsheets, or information from shared drives. It could also be manual data such as paper files and records.

Due to this, some SARs can take huge amounts of time to respond to in an accurate and comprehensive manner, as it’s usually done manually – a simple request for information can take you hours, if not days, to respond to.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the power to fine organisations found guilty of a data breach.

It’s important to consider the implications for your business or organisation if the ICO decides you have not handled a SAR properly. In addition to the financial damage from a potentially sizeable fine, your company’s reputation could also be affected, which could easily impact your recruitment and employee retention efforts.

What’s the solution?

Developed by Nalanda Technology, Nalytics SARs is a cloud-based solution which enables fast and compliant responses to subject access requests.

Accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, the solution provides a framework through which organisations can perform all required SARs activities from curation of data, through searching to find only those documents relevant to the SAR, review of these documents, redaction of sensitive information, and finally packaging of data for dissemination to the requestor.

The Nalytics SARs solution significantly reduces the time taken to process SARs.

Using Nalytics SARs we have experienced reduced time and effort spent responding to subject access requests. All HR SARs have been sent on time, if not before the deadline, and we have not requested an extension on any HR SARs since using the software. A fast, intuitive user-friendly platform, it’s everything we need to support our compliance requirements.”

– Nij Basi, Information Governance Manager – Bradford Council

What makes Nalytics SARs different?


Locating & Redacting Personal Data Related to an Individual is Quick and Easy

Our solution allows you to quickly and easily search across your structured and unstructured documents, files, and emails to find the ‘Subject’s’ data, and automatically redact any third party PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which should not be disclosed. This not only includes Microsoft files, such as Word or Excel, but also emails and their attachments, text files, PDFs, and so on. Images and scanned documents can also be redacted.

Nalytics SARs significantly reduces your time spent searching for personal data and automatically redacts sensitive information which might be overlooked in a manual search.

Ensure Relevant Documents are Readily Available for Disclosure

Nalytics offers automatic redaction of sensitive or confidential information. Censor this information either within the proprietary document viewer or by redacting directly from a copy of the original source document.

Why Nalytics SARs?

  • Improve & streamline your SAR response process
  • Increase productivity and save time & money completing SAR responses.
  • Easily meet your legal & compliance requirements, including the one-month GDPR response deadline.
  • Reduced time spent identifying and reviewing all relevant records and redacting known PII data.
  • Risk of manual error around including sensitive information/images is significantly reduced, as the entire SAR response process is automated.
  • A fast, user-friendly, wizard-driven solution to manage your SAR response process.

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The speed at which I can redact and check a document has definitely improved and allows for more attention to detail…Nalytics SARs has cut the time in half when working on multiple SARs.

– HR Officer – Bradford Council

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