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Release 1.270 – 11th April 2022

Single instance redaction

Nalytics now supports redaction of a single instance of a term. This means users can choose from three redact/unredact options: redact/unredact the term across all documents in the data set; redact/unredact all instances of a term in the current document and redact/unredact only the selected instance of a term.

Choose colour of redaction block

Users are now able to choose either black or white as the colour for the redaction block. This is available in Settings.

Duplicates report

A properties-driven capability has been added to enable the production of a duplicates report when building a data set.

Support of PDF Portfolio Files

Nalytics now supports PDF Portfolio files – where one or more files are embedded within a single PDF. When added to a data set, the files that are embedded in the portfolio and unpacked and shown individually.

RTF file redaction

The system now supports the redaction of RTF files.

Exclusion of email domains

In SARs it is now possible to exclude all emails from a particular domain, e.g., from

Contract Review duplicate categories in setup removed

Duplicate categories are no longer displayed in Contract Review setup.

Old SAR module removed from full client

The old SAR module is no longer accessible.

Info button now available in Manage Data in shell products

Manage Data in ‘shell’ products such as Nalytics SARs, now has an Info button which will display information about the selected data set, e.g., the number and types of files it contains.

Resource and SAR Dashboard Toolbars Frozen

The result tree/table resource toolbar (shown when a resource is clicked) and the SAR Dashboard toolbar are now frozen so that the results/entries scroll under the toolbar and the toolbar remains visible when the results/entries are scrolled.