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Release 1.260 – 1st November 2021


SAR re-assign

Users are now able to re-assign SARs to other users.

Embedded files now appear in Results view

Where a file such as a Word document contains other files embedded within it, and the embedded file(s) contains search terms, it will appear in the Results list, indented under the parent file.

Indicator shows if file contains an image

If a file contains an image, an image icon will be displayed in the Header area of NaView. A new metadata attribute called containsimage has been created and can be displayed in the Filters tab. It will be True if the file contains an image and False otherwise.

Check boxes added to View drop-down

Check boxes are now shown next to the various Tag types in the View drop-down. This enables users to view a combination of Tags rather than a single one.

Nalytics Preserve

Two Nalytics Preserve User Interfaces have been created. One for document searches and one for content searches. These are accessible via the Hub for authorised users.

Hub sub-screens

Additional ‘sub-screens’ have been added under the Hub for Contract Review, Contract Similarities and Preserve so that the main Hub screen is cleaner and clearer.

Re-open SAR

SAR Administrative users can now reopen closed SARs of their own or owned by other users.

Auto-calculation of SAR due date

The system auto calculates the due date of a SAR and depicts this in the calendar control as soon as the user selects the start date. The date can be changed if required.

Support of JSON files

JSON files can now be added to data sets.

Colour choice for redaction highlighting

Users now have a choice of four colours for redaction highlighting.

Obsolete Delete button removed from Review and Produce Output screens

The Delete button has been removed from the SARs Review and Produce Output screens as it is no longer needed.

NaView Metadata view

A toggle has been introduced in the NaView Tool Kit which enables the user to toggle between display of file contents and display of metadata in NaView.

More subject alternatives auto calculated

More alternatives are now auto calculated from the subject title and name fields.

Dictionary auto sorting

The contents of dictionaries are now auto sorted as they are opened making it easier for users to find specific entries.

Export All Reviewed option in Contract Review

When in Contract Review, users can now to choose to export all reviewed files to Excel as well as export the current file.

Changes to form contents bolded in Contract Review

If text in a field in a Contract Review form is changed, all the text in that field will be bolded to indicate a change has taken place.

Dashboard entries for open SARs now shown in green text

Text for open SARs in the Dashboard now is green until it is within one week of its due date when it becomes orange. Overdue entries are shown in red.