BuzzFeed Finds Exactly What It Needs To Quickly & Easily Using Nalytics

The leading independent global digital media and tech company BuzzFeed delivers news and entertainment content to a global audience.

To be able to consistently cover the eclectic news items and create the original content it does, the Company required a solution to help them.

As well as the increasing volumes of unstructured, textual data they had, (Word documents, PDF’s, spreadsheets, etc), they also required to be able to search across social media, websites, texts, and emails.

Nalytics was chosen by BuzzFeed to provide them with a solution, able to search across huge volumes of data across any device in seconds.

Alex Campbell, Deputy Investigations Editor at BuzzFeed News said-

We were looking for an easy-to-use solution to help us search and discover exactly what we needed to quickly and easily. Nalytics delivers an intuitive solution for our data search and discovery needs.

Read the case study in full to learn why Nalytics was chosen by BuzzFeed News to help them search, discover, access, and analyse the vast amounts of information they need to.