Webinar – Handling Data Subject Access Requests efficiently

At Nalanda we appreciate we are all now having to do more with less investment. We also know the process of completing a SAR request can be time consuming and potentially prone to error. That’s why we developed a software solution to help.  

During this 30 minute webinar, you will learn how Nalytics will:  

  • Improve & streamline your SAR response process.
  • Help you to meet your legal & compliance requirements, including the one-month GDPR response deadline.
  • Reduce time spent identifying and reviewing all relevant records and automatically redacting 3rd party PII data.
  • Provide a fast, user-friendly, wizard-driven solution to manage your SAR response process.
  • Save you £’s and allow you to be live in a month!

We will be running this free webinar throughout June. Simply fill out your details below and a member of the team will provide you with dates and times.

Since using Nalytics SARs, we have experienced reduced time and effort spent on manually redacting third-party names and initials. This was very time consuming, and the software redacts each name across all documents included in a SAR. This allows more time to focus on phrases or sentences within documents that would need to be redacted if information was regarding someone else.

 All HR SARs have been sent on time if not before the deadline, and we have not requested an extension on any HR SARs since using the software. This is obviously all relative to the size of the SAR, however the software has made the redaction process a lot quicker and time saving on the smaller requests, which means we have stuck to deadlines on the large and complex SARs which we would find difficult before – Nij Basi, Information Governance Manager at Bradford City Council.







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