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Home 5 Handling Data Subject Access Requests efficiently

the nalytics sar software removes the huge amount of time wasted in:

  • Converting all files into PDF’s – not needed, Nalytics can process emails, Word files, PDFs, Excel etc
  • Reading irrelevant documents – not needed, Nalytics searches and returns only those files that relate to the Subject
  • Searching and redacting  third party names & phone numbers etc – not needed, Nalytics automatically identifies and redacts key data such as third Party names; email addresses; NHS Numbers; NI numbers…and much more

The largest SAR to date contained 120,000 documents and 80,000 emails (with attachments), Nalytics found and redacted all PII data in minutes…not months.

We can connect the Nalytics Search & Discovery Platform directly to your organisation’s Microsoft Office 365 environment, meaning Nalytics can easily search data in Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive without the need for any other software tools.


 This is helping organisations like yours, save even more time and effort, so come and find out more and register your interest. A member of the team will get back to you with available dates.


What do our customers say?

Once we saw the functionality of Nalytics SARs, we realised the solution provided not only a redaction tool, but also numerous other unique features, which could help us significantly improve our SAR response process.

Richard Bentley, EDM Manager – Bradford Council

Having the entire SAR process incorporated in one easy-to-use, wizard-driven platform dramatically speeds up our response process. Overall, this gives us the best chance of fulfilling our GDPR SAR compliance obligations.

– Sarah Blair, IT Director – Thorntons Law

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