Test Drive Nalytics on Reynen Court

The Nalytics platform is now available within Reynen Court’s legal technology platform and marketplace.

Reynen Court enables law firms and corporate legal departments to speed their adoption of AI and other new technologies. Their platform combines a solution store for legal technology with a powerful control panel that makes it easy to adopt and manage modern cloud-based software applications without having to trust firm or client content to the rapidly growing universe of vertically integrated SaaS providers.

David Rivett, Nalanda Technology’s COO said

We are delighted we are one of the first suppliers able to deliver software through the Kubernetes-based deployment pipeline – an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications.

Customers will be able to trial, test, and provision Nalytics directly from the Reynen Court platform into their chosen infrastructure.

Arjan Ros, Director of Operations at Reynen Court, commented-

Nalanda has been exemplary as to how they have approached and worked with us to quickly and smoothly get their Nalytics software working in our Platform”.

Find out more at the Reynen Court website.