Nalytics & Royal Avebe

Avebe Take Their Quality Of Searches To The Next Level with the help of Nalytics

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The Netherlands


The Background and Need

Avebe is a market-oriented, globally operating cooperative of starch potato growers, based in Veendam in The Netherlands. The company supplies starch products for applications in food, animal feed, paper, construction, textiles and adhesives.

Over the years, the company had built up an enormous amount of textual information, such as R&D reports and market information in documents, websites and databases. They realised they had to do something to be able to properly search all their data. 

To make the right decisions, they needed the right information in a clear structure. For that they required the right solution and knowledge to apply those tools properly.

The Solution and Result

Avebe contacted Nalanda and discovered the endless possibilities of the Nalytics platform.

Using Nalytics, Avebe is able to search faster and more effectively within all different systems. As an example, if a customer has a question about the use of glue on a cardboard-like surface, using Nalytics, it is now much easier to search, identify, and access content relevant to this specific question.

In addition, Nalytics provides overviews of words that are often used; perfect functionality for Avebe to identify trends and gain new ideas based on that.

Paul Mijland, Group Leader Analytical Chemistry, says:

Where the chaos is greatest, the most beautiful things happen. If everything was on paper, we would have warehouses full of information within Avebe. With Nalytics we are able to create order in our ‘chaos’ and take qualitative search to the next level.

Jan Spijkerman, Manager Manufacturing IT, commented about the added value Nalytics will bring to Avebe:

IT solutions should add value to the user organization. Using Nalytics we are able to make much better use of available information, such as external legislation, engineering norms and standards, and thus provide our projects with a quality boost.