Search The Chilcot Report using Nalytics

We set-up this free Chilcot discovery tool within our Nalytics system so that users can search through the Chilcot Report in minutes, making it simple to glean relevant information from it very quickly.

Nalanda Technology has launched a free online tool for searching the much publicised Chilcot Report. Powered by the Nalytics search platform, it will allow anyone to look for precise pieces of information in the Report within minutes of it being published.

David Rivett, Co-Founder and COO of Nalanda Technology, explains:

We were all awaiting the results of the Chilcot Report – also known as the Iraq War Inquiry – which was commissioned in 2009 by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown to examine the UK’s involvement in Iraq.


The report was published on 06 July 2016, almost seven years after it was set-up. Obviously, a report of this significance is going to be a very large document, or set of documents containing a huge amount of data. This makes it very difficult and time-consuming for interested parties to navigate through and find the relevant information they are looking for.

Powered by Nalanda’s search and discovery platform, Nalytics, this tool is completely free and available simply at the click of a button. It will enable users to search through the report in minutes by entering or searching on whatever words or phrases they are interested in. The tool’s intelligence and precision capabilities means the results will be presented within context showing immediate relevance; saving users a huge amount of time as they do not have to search through lists of irrelevant returns.

David adds:

The advanced search capability of our Nalytics solution gets you to the right information at the right time, enabling you to find the data you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Searching a document such as the Chilcot Report is made easy using Nalytics.


This is a free service, and users to do not even have to login to start using it. We see this as the perfect opportunity to showcase the unrivalled capabilities and intelligence of our Nalytics search platform.

Search the Chilcot Report using Nalytics.