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Van Doorne Compares Documents Faster and More Accurately with Nalytics LRC

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Background and Requirement

Van Doorne is a leading independent Dutch law firm. With approximately 175 lawyers, notaries and tax specialists, they have been advising their clients across many different areas of law for almost 90 years.

Van Doorne wanted to be able to compare extracts from the Land Registry and their clients’ mortgage information documents in a faster, more effective way. Previously, the comparison of these documents was manually undertaken by the notary office. In some cases there were around a thousand pieces of information, with different owners, that had to be reviewed and compared.

This method was wasting a lot of valuable time and increased the risk of making mistakes. As there is a lot of pressure to provide these documents to the Land Registry on time, Van Doorne required a solution to address this and support their corporate clients.

The Solution and The Result

To address and overcome this specific challenge, Van Doorne and Nalanda Technology worked together and developed the Bulk Document Compare solution powered by the Nalytics search and discovery platform. It now forms part of the product’s ‘Legal Toolkit’’.

Using the Nalytics solution, Van Doorne is now able to compare documents in bulk in order to identify any differences quicker and more accurately.

Jos van Doorn, Research & Development Manager at Van Doorne, commented about the partnership with Nalanda:

“Nalanda’s co-operation enabled our requirements to be addressed efficiently and effectively.


We knew from our initial experience with the Nalytics search and discovery platform that we would be able to develop this Bulk Document Compare solution. In addition to this, Nalanda are Dutch based, and this was extremely beneficial for us due to the accessibility and intelligibility – speaking and understanding the Dutch language is very important in the legal industry.


Bulk Document Compare is a small but very effective solution that delivers the desired results. We save a lot of time and the risk of us making mistakes has decreased dramatically .”