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 This year, a number of Local Authorities have made the move to store their legacy system data onto the Nalytics Preserve Platform. In one instance a Local Authority has saved over £100,000 on annual hosting & licencing costs. They now have a secure, cloud-based solution, that is easier to navigate than the 10-year-old system it replaced.

key benefits are-

  • All the structured data is retained.
  • Unstructured documents such as Word files and PDF’s can be searched.
  • No need to train users how to access a legacy system.
  • Cyber security risks are reduced.
  • In fact, everything they would need to answer any future enquiries or even to deal with a Data Subject Access Request.


If you are worried about the cyber security risk your old systems have, or you just want to see significant savings on your annual revenues, then get in touch.

 If you have 30 minutes to spare, join one of our webinars below and see how we can help you.

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