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See how you can save time, money and effort

At Nalanda we appreciate we are all now having to do more with less investment. We also know the process of completing a SAR request can be time consuming and potentially prone to error. That’s why we developed a software solution to help.

Nalytics will:

  • Improve & streamline your SAR response process.
  • Help you to meet your legal & compliance requirements, including the one-month GDPR response deadline.
  • Reduce time spent identifying and reviewing all relevant records and automatically redacting 3rd party PII data.
  • Provide a fast, user-friendly, wizard-driven solution to manage your SAR response process.
  • Save you £’s and allow you to be live in a month!

“As it was a tender process, we did look at other solutions. However, once we saw the functionality of Nalytics SARs, we realised the solution provided not only a redaction tool, but also numerous other unique features, which could help us significantly improve our SAR response process”Richard Bentley, EDM Manager within the IT Department at Bradford Council

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