Nalanda Partners with Evident Proof

Nalanda has partnered with Evident Proof, the ‘Immutable Data Proof as a Service’ blockchain platform.

The partnership allows organisations to prove compliance with DSARs.

GDPR has generated a proliferation of DSARs, whereby a person (Subject) can request Access to all of the personal data being held about them within an organisation, and the organisation is then mandated to respond compliantly within one calendar month.  Challenges to the responses to DSARs are increasingly being seen at the ICO.

By using Evident Proof, organisations can generate a proof seal certificate at the press of button that can be used to prove compliance and as evidence of their DSARs process and output in court if needed.

The Nalytics platform will provide a fully searchable document vault to underpin Evident Proof’s Proof Seal Bundles technology; a Proof Seal Bundle is a collection of specifically defined data events that may be compiled together to form a Proof Document, known as a Proof Certificate, able to irrefutably respond to a specific legal, compliance or regulatory requirement, such as GDPR.

David Rivett, COO at Nalanda Technology said

We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with such a thought-leading company as Evident Proof. DSARs are becoming an epidemic thorn in the side of businesses. They require significant effort to properly service, and we are increasingly seeing DSAR responses being formally challenged with the ICO. Allowing our customers to evidence their DSARs process and output on the Evident Proof platform is a major step forwards for compliance and risk mitigation.”

Adrian Clarke, CEO at Evident Proof said-

We are excited about this partnership with Nalanda Technology and the value it brings to our customers. Our platform allows customers to immutably record and seal data events for subsequent evidence and validation. And now our customers will be able to quickly store, surface and examine their supporting document bundles using the powerful Nalytics finding engine.”

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