Handling Data Subject Access Requests efficiently

webinar – wednesday 14th december 2022, 10am GMT

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WEBINAR – Handling Data Subject Access Requests Efficiently

At Nalanda we know completing SAR requests is a time consuming process, and is also very costly. The average single SAR might take 20 hours to complete costing upwards of £500. So we have set up a 30 minute webinar to show you how we can help…

Why might Nalytics SAR work for you?

  • Improve & streamline your SAR response process.
  • Increase productivity and save time.
  • Easily meet your legal & compliance requirements, including the one-month GDPR response deadline.
  • Reduced time spent identifying and reviewing all relevant records and redacting known PII data.
  • A fast, user-friendly, wizard-driven solution to manage your SAR response process.
  • Save you £’s.

What do our customers say?

“”Once we saw the functionality of Nalytics SARs, we realised the solution provided not only a redaction tool, but also numerous other unique features, which could help us significantly improve our SAR response process.”

Richard Bentley, EDM Manager – Bradford Council

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