A Match Made in (Tech) Heaven

With February being a romantic month, (allegedly), I thought I’d take a look at one of our most successful partnerships here at Nalanda Technology.

The analogy between ‘everlasting love’ and one of your customers is stretching it a bit, but let’s go with the Valentine’s theme anyway!

Since 2018 we have been working closely with one of the most well-known global digital media brands, BuzzFeed.

In case you haven’t heard of BuzzFeed, founded in 2006, it was one of the first independent digital media and tech companies delivering news and entertainment content to a global audience.

Now valued at $1.5 billion, BuzzFeed are renowned for discovering and reporting on unusual and quirky news, and producing original video, that people want to share online.

BuzzFeed approached us with a challenge that matched perfectly with exactly why our Nalytics platform was originally developed…

Data…Size Matters

When we developed Nalytics, and something which still stands to this day, we wanted to help anyone who was at a loss in navigating and managing their digital landscape.

We wanted to provide them with a solution which enabled them to find what they’re looking for faster and more efficiently.

As the amount of data people had access to grew, the term ‘’Big Data” was born.

Big Data is basically enormous data sets gathered from numerous sources, and growth statistics reveal that data creation will be over 180 zettabytes by 2025. That will be about 118.8 zettabytes more than in 2020.

To put this in perspective, Google has 1.2 trillion searches annually, this equates to more than 40,000 searches per second!

Most of the data we generate today is unstructured, which means it comes in different forms, sizes, and even shapes. Hence, it is difficult and costly to search, manage and analyse.

In a digitally powered economy like ours, companies able to search, manage, access, and analyse this data will have a distinct advantage – BuzzFeed recognised this.

What Did BuzzFeed Need in a Partner?

Operating in the high-pressure world of investigative journalism and to continue covering the eclectic news items and create the original content it does, BuzzFeed needed a solution to help them.

As you can imagine, being able to quickly and easily search and access information and data to consistently create breaking news and vital journalism every day, was a daunting task for the BuzzFeed news team.

As well as the huge amount of unstructured textual data they had, be it word documents, PDF files, reports, and spreadsheets, they also needed to be able to search across social media, websites, texts, and emails.

BuzzFeed needed a solution to search and access all this information and data, to find exactly what they needed to, to create their well-known brand of original news and content.

To ensure their continued success in this dynamic investigative journalism environment, they needed an agile, supportive partner, willing to work closely alongside them, able to respond innovatively with the best solution.

Now if that’s not an online dating requirement profile, I don’t know what is…

And So, A (Tech) Match Was Found…

Enter…the cloud-based AI powered search and discovery platform called Nalytics.

Able to search across huge volumes of data across any device in seconds, Nalytics gives BuzzFeed exactly what it needs – a solution to be able to search, discover, access, and analyse the vast amount of information they had access to.

Without going into a sales pitch about how good Nalytics is… let’s just say, finding the ‘needle(s) in the haystack’ for a particular news item or piece of content, is crucial for BuzzFeed, and Nalytics delivers an intuitive solution for their data search and discovery needs.

Why Nalytics is BuzzFeed’s Happy Ever After…

Data is a strategic, core asset to BuzzFeed and the news team being able to find exactly what they need is paramount to the continued success of the content it creates and delivers.

Not only has Nalytics provided BuzzFeed with an intuitive way to search across all their data quickly and accurately, but it has allowed them to make significant time and staff resource savings.

More focused and effective data search, discovery, and analysis equals breaking news, and original digital content that people want to share. All this ensures BuzzFeed is at the forefront of breaking news, vital journalism, and creating dynamic content be it quizzes, videos, celeb news, tasty food videos, recipes, or DIY hacks.

Alex Campbell, Deputy Investigations Editor – BuzzFeed News said-

It’s not just about the quality of the Nalytics solution, but about the quality of the relationship…Nalanda Technology are an essential partner for us.”