M365 integration stage 1 – Exchange

For SSO systems, it is now possible for a user to create a data set directly from their own emails without them first having to be exported to a PST.  This immediately enables users to utilise the host of search and analysis tools available in Nalytics to search their mail, attachments and appointments and exceeds the search capabilities available in the email system itself.

Change to Redacted Word List for whole Category redaction

If an entire Category is redacted from the Categories tab, the Redacted Word List will show a single entry for the Category, instead of showing each individual category value.

SARs customisable rotation percentage

In Final Review users can now specify the percentage by which the page is rotated then either of the rotate buttons are selected

Redacted results display optimised

Changes made to speed up results display where redaction highlighting or full redaction is turned on and the redacted word list is very large

Ability to jump to the last page reviewed

For the most recently reviewed document in NaView, Nalytics remembers the last page reviewed.  Users are now able to choose to jump directly to this instead of paging through the entire document

Buttons disabled while a SAR is running

Update, Review and Produce Output buttons are now greyed-out for a SAR if it is already running.

Long usernames are truncated on the Header bar

The full username will be displayed in the tooltip

Tile Setup Tool

A setup tile is now available in the Hub to create new search applications.  Based on either Curated Search or Research, functionality can be added or removed to produce the UI that most suits the customer’s needs