M365 integration – Sharepoint, one drive and teams

For SSO systems, users can now create data sets from their SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data.

name enchancer recognises additional name format

Now in addition to recognising the name formats firstname lastname, title firstname lastname and title lastname, Name Enhancer recognises the format lastname firstname.

advanced options for data set creation

Prior to building a data set, users can now specify these options:

OCR – OCR scanned documents image files prior to adding them to the data set.

Include/Exclude File Types – Choose to include and/or exclude particular types of files when building your data set.

Enhance – Choose to automatically enhance the data set with selected enhancers, with the option to exclude certain file types from the enhancement.

Department Administrator – A new user type. This user can re-assign and re-open SARs belonging to other users within the same department.

nalytics sars enhancements

We have also launched several enhancements to Nalytics SARs.

Watermarks – A watermark can now be applied to redacted output files.

Structured Organisation Support – SARs now supports departmental distinction. Users will be able to see and work with the SARs belonging to other users in the same department. This function ties in with the previously mentioned department admin.

Data Set Update – Manage Data now supports data set updates as well as data set creation.

Date Modified Validation – The user is now prevented from entering future dates in Date Modified field.

Redaction Highlight Option for Output files – Output files produced from final review can now be created with the redacted terms highlighted instead of obscured.

Coach – Guidance notes have been added to the SARs system to guide users through the interface.

OCR Check Box Defaulted to Selected – When creating a new data set, the OCR check box will be selected by default.

nalytics administrators

We have expanded the contents of the data Set Summary report to include the size of the source files and the percentage difference between the data set size and source content.

support chunking of large csv files

CSV files containing more than 50000 rows will be broken down into chunks, making them more manageable to work with.

Phew, we’re there. We hope you agree that we have started 2023 off with some great improvements to Nalytics that will hopefully improve the way you use and interact with the software.

We can’t wait to get in touch again when we’re ready to launch our next round of updates to Nalytics.