NALYTICS V1.280.00

Hello and welcome to our latest update to our Nalytics tools.

Since our last release we’ve been beavering away on some really useful enhancements and new features. Here’s a flavour of the changes v1.280.00 has to offer.

A new M365 interface gives direct authenticated access to MS Exchange, allowing users to create data sets from their emails, attachments and appointments without first having to extract this data from the host system. This enables users to utilise the host of search and analysis tools available in Nalytics to search Exchange.

The Redacted Word List (RWL) contains a list of all words and phrases that have been redacted in a data set and can be used to add/remove redactions. Where an entire category of data has been redacted, e.g., all names or all email addresses, we now only show a single entry for the category in the RWL instead of each category value. This reduces the length of the RWL, making it easier to navigate from a user perspective and more efficient to use by the system.

It is not uncommon for documents to accidentally be scanned upside down or at an angle. This can make them difficult to read on-screen, e.g., when reviewing results during a Subject Access Request (SAR). Nalytics has always provided a means of rotating documents to bring them back round to the right orientation. This release has provided an enhancement to the rotation capability by allowing the user to specify the rotation degree increment. This speeds-up the rotation allowing the user more time to focus on the review itself.

NaView allows the user to view the textual content of their documents. Where documents have multiple pages, users can easily click through these to review the file in its entirety. During a SAR review, users may only have time in a single session to review part of a document. In earlier versions, users would have to page through the document to get to the point they left off the review. This release includes a major time saver. When a user goes into NaView to continue reviewing a long document they now can choose an option to go straight to the last page reviewed.

We are now hard at work on several exciting features for the next release. More on that later.

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