Nalytics v1.260.00 Released – What’s New?

Since the last release of Nalytics, we have been working on enhancing and creating some specific new features within our Nalytics Subject Access Requests (SARs) and Nalytics Preserve solutions, as well as within the Nalytics platform.

Within Nalytics SARs, we have developed the following new features-

SAR Re-assign

This feature enables users to be able to re-assign SARs quickly and easily to other users.

Re-open SAR

SAR Administrative users can now re-open closed SARs of their own, or owned by other users.

Auto-calculation of SAR Due Date

This new feature auto-calculates the due date of a SAR, and depicts this in the calendar control as soon as the user selects the start date. The date can be changed if required. Very useful for seeing immediately the GDPR mandated SAR deadline.

Within Nalytics Preserve, the following additional features have been developed-

New User Interfaces

Two Nalytics Preserve User Interfaces have been created – one for document searches and one for content searches. These are accessible via ‘The Hub’ for authorised users.

Hub Sub-screens

Additional ‘sub-screens’ have been added under ‘The Hub’ for Contract Review, Contract Similarities, and Preserve, ensuring the main Hub screen is cleaner and clearer.

Across the Nalytics platform, enhanced functionality includes-

Embedded Files Now Appear in Results View

Where a file such as a Word document contains other files embedded within it, and the embedded file(s) contains search terms, it will appear in the Results list, indented under the parent file.

Indicator Shows if File Contains an Image

If a file contains an image, an image icon will be displayed in the Header area of ‘NaView’. A new metadata attribute called ‘containsimage’ has been created, and can be displayed in the Filters tab. It will show as ‘True’ if the file contains an image and ‘False’ if not.

Checkboxes Added to View Drop-down

Checkboxes are now shown next to the various Tag types in the ‘View’ drop-down. This enables users to view a combination of Tags, rather than a single one.

Watch this space for our next release!

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